The Misplaced Secret Of Weaving Hair

The black flax used to make contrasting patterns on the mats is dyed beige tofua flax. That is immersed below mud in a swamp for days earlier than it’s boiled with the leaves of the ‘manaui’ (garuga floribunda) or ‘loa ano’ (jussiaea erecta) till the flax turns black. This dye is quick and won’t fade.

One other native materials that’s generally used is the fibre of the ‘fau’ tree (hibiscus tiliceus) which is robust and lengthy lasting. The fau is used making baskets, ta’ovala dancing costumes, hula skirts, fringing of mats, and roping. Once more, the preparation of the fibre to be used takes many days. The branches are reduce and brought to the ocean the place they’re left for weeks. They’re secured to the underside of the ocean with massive stones. Throughout this time, the outer bark rots and is washed off by the fixed movement of the ocean whereas the inside bark turns into bleached white and softened. Subsequent the fibre is separated from the wooden, washed with rainwater, and dried within the solar.

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